Trial Class

1. Trial class will be chargeable at S$40.00  


Registration Fees

1. There will be a one-time registration fee of S$80.00 for the first sign-up and additional S$40.00 top-up for the subsequent family member sign-up.


Term Fees 

1. Term fees will be calculated accordingly. Fees must be made in full by the first week of the new term.

2. There are no pro-rated fees for lessons missed due to examinations, school holidays and vacations. Pro- rated fees is only applicable to new students. 

3. No refund of fees in any circumstances.


Payment Methods

1. Cash

2. Cheque payment will be made payable to - "Asia Gymnastics Academy Pte Ltd"

Make-up Classes

1. All Gymnastic students are strictly entitled to two (2) make-up classes per term. The make-up classes must be booked a week in advance and to be completed within the same term. Any make-up classes not fulfilled within the term will be forfeited.

2. Dance students are allowed to make-up classes, subject to availability of the intended class.


3. Any class cancelled by AGDA due to any unforeseen circumstances will be rescheduled or assigned to another class.

4. There will be no make up lesson should lesson fall on a National Public Holidays.


5.  Please note that no extensions are allowed unless due to medical reason (only approve upon Doctor’s letter/medical certificate)


In the Academy

1. Parents / guardians are advised to observe at the waiting area and strictly not allowed to go into the training area for gymnastics. Dance students’ parents are to wait outside the studio. This helps us greatly in disruption of all on classes.

2. Whilst effort is made to provide consistent instructors, please be aware that instructors may change without notice.


3. No jewelry, watches, rings, necklaces, bracelet or long dangling earrings are allowed.


4. Only water is allowed in the studio and gym area. We would like to advice parents and students to consume all other food and beverages outside the academy.


5. Please do not bring valuables to the academy.  AGDA will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.


6. Gymnasts and dance students without ongoing classes or permission from the coaches are not allowed to use the gym equipment. AGDA will not be held responsible should the child sustain any injury.


Attire for Gymnastics students:

Students must wear leotard or t-shirt and shorts. Strictly, no buttons, belts, buckles or zippers.

All footwear must be removed before setting foot on the training area. Bare feet are required.

All girls must have their hair tied back and out of their face.


Attire for Dance students:

For all Ballet classes, uniforms/apparel to be worn for classes, hair to be tied neatly in a bun.  

Other dance classes: Please dress comfortably. Jeans are not recommended. Footwear: Dance sneakers or Jazz shoes. No slippers or sandals. 

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