Advanced Non-Competitive Gymnastics


Advanced Non-Competitive Gymnastics is a 2 hour class for 1 or 2 times per week for children who have a background in gymnastics or who have previously competed in gymnastics and wish to improve on their gymnastics skills but are not interested in competition.


Advanced Non-Competitive Gymnastics is a great classes for kids to stay in shape and learn new and more advanced skills in a Fun and Positive advance non-competitive gymnastics environment. Suitable for children aged 9 and above.

Kids of this age have grown up and are more capable of manoeuring their body. Thus, AGA designed a training program that will perfectly fit these needs. The program will have more interesting and intensive activities. More advance skills will be introduced as to match up to the level of their capability. Their self confidence will be cultivated as they progress throughout the training. 

At this level, your child will be trained to do advance balancing , flexibilty and power through gymnastics training. Thus, their new curriculum for this course will emphasize on acquiring new skills and routines.

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