Asia Gymnastics Academy


Established in 2009, AGA believes that children is the world most precious gift and aim to allow every child who participates in our Gymnastics programme receives the same quality of instruction regardless of their ability.


Gymnastics, when taught properly, can be the vehicle to deliver life long knowledge and passion of physical fitness. Running, Jumping, Rolling, Strength and Flexibility are the basic aspects of many sports.


We hope to build self-confidence through fitness and fun, learning in a safe environment and raising every child's level of self esteem through our competitive classes.


Over the years, AGA has competed in various competitions and invitationals; Singapore Open Championship 2012 & 2013, iFlip Gymnastics Invitational 2012, GymFest 2012 and SACAC 2012 Spring Invitational. Our gymnasts have done us very proud by winning medals in these competitions.


Being a member of the Singapore Gymnastics, we strive to promote the sport to everyone regardless of age, race, gender and abilities.



Asia Gymnastics and Dance Academy